Tips And Tricks To Get Good Marks In NTS Test 2020

National testing service (NTS) was established in 2002 that is responsible for taking out the performance evaluation test in Pakistan. There are two types of tests being offered by NTS that include the GAT (Graduate Assessment Test) and NAT (National Aptitude Test) to get admission in colleges/universities and post-graduation education. This organization is developed to maintain the standard of education in Pakistan and it also gives the national scale to the educational institutes for comparative grading. Many universities such as COMSATS University, Bahhaudin Zakariya University, the Islamia University of Bahawalpur had made it compulsory to clear in the NTS test so that students can get admission in these institutes.50% marks are necessary to pass the test. Every year Jobs in National Testing Services are announced by the respective organization. NTS test is also held for many semi-government and government jobs. Students must clear the test conducted by the NTS to get the job. Several NTS test jobs are available for students in which they can apply and after passing the test they can secure the job.


If you are going to appear in NTS Test 2020, you should follow the tips and tricks to get good marks in the NTS test available on


  • Make a Study Schedule

To perform better in the test, the first requirement is to make a study schedule to prepare for the NTS test. It will assist the students during the preparation phase. The schedule should be devised in such a way that it helps you to study efficiently. Try to cover the maximum content of the syllabus. Figure out your weak areas and improve them before the final test. Follow the study schedule strictly and avoid wasting your time on other things. Also, set some time to relax while studying that will keep you motivated to prepare for the examsUse different study tools to prepare for the test and don’t completely rely on the book and also chechk NTS Test Schedule. Use the online educational platforms to prepare for the test in a better way.  

  • Time Management

Time Management


Time management is a significant factor that must be considered during NTS test preparation. Manage your time according to the subjects. Divide the time by keeping in mind the content of the syllabus. The duration of preparation time varies for each subject. Spend more time on difficult areas so that you can prepare them to get good marks. During solving the test divide the time limit according to the subjects so that no portion will remain left. First, read the questions carefully and then start solving them. 

  • Know about the Paper Pattern

The student must be well aware of the paper pattern of the NTS test. Each test has a different paper pattern depending upon the degree program. Go through the previous year's paper and know about the pattern that will facilitate you during the exam. If you are aware of the pattern before the test, it will help you to manage your way of attempting the paper and you will be able to score well in exams. 

  • Practice past papers

Past papers play an important role in getting good marks in NTS testBy solving the past papers students will know about their preparation level. Moreover, it will also assist the students by giving the idea of questions that can be asked in the test. By following the trend of the past papers student can prepare for the test in an organized manner. Without solving the past papers it will become difficult for the students to learn about the paper format of the previous year’s test. 

  • Focus on Vocabulary Portion


In NTS test vocabulary questions are being asked to focus on the vocabulary portion. Make habit of reading different books so that you can have an idea about the concepts of the academic vocabulary. Sometimes essay based questions are also asked in the NTS test. To tackle such types of questions it is essential to have a strong grip on the vocabulary. Work on your writing skills so that you can solve the essay according to the desired requirements. 

  • Increase General Knowledge

General knowledge is an important part of the NTS test. To improve the general knowledge ability read a variety of general knowledge books and attempt Online Tests. This subject is very diverse as it includes the domains of different areas. Use the best quality general knowledge books and work to enhance it. 

  • Mock Tests


To evaluate the preparation of the NTS test, the student must give the mock test. They are considered as a self-assessment test for the students to evaluate their preparation. By practicing the mock test student will be able to know about areas of improvement that should be prepared to get good marks in the test. These tests also enable the students to learn more about the paper format so that students can solve the paper in the mandatory time. During the test first, try to solve those questions whose answers are known. Try to not solve the doubtful questions as it will affect your grades by the negative marking. 

  • Remain Dedicated to the Goal

Stay dedicated to your goal and don’t feel panic by the burden of preparation. Keep a good attitude and give your maximum potential to achieve good marks in the test. Remain confident about your preparation that you will do your best in the test. Never allow any negative thoughts to affect your morals. Just focus to attain your desired goal.  

  • Healthy Sleep

A night of healthy sleep is necessary for a healthy mind. If you keep studying day and night without having any sleep break it will affect your abilities. You will feel mentally tired and will not be able to perform better in the test. So a healthy sleep is mandatory before the day of the test.


Final TakeAways


If you are preparing for the NTS Test 2020, try to follow these tips that will help out in the preparation of the NTS test. To get more information about the NTS test guidelines stays in touch with, so that you remain aware of the latest updates.


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