Best Jobs in Pakistan 2020 (Work From Home)

After declaring coronavirus as a pandemic, businesses across the world are going to shut down. Most of the business that can afford remote working they allowed their employees to do work from home. If you take a look at the previous times of some decades ago then there was no concept of work from home. But with the invention of the internet, the phenomenon of online working has become possible and due to this facility, we can easily compensate for the loss in the business that can come through any panic situation around us. Well, here at this page we come with the best jobs that can be possible form home during this isolation period across the country, Pakistan.

  • Web Developer

Designing a web application is reliant upon the internet and a tool operating device (laptop or computer) on which the application can be designed. Well, there is no restriction or place and limitation of time come to see to perform such tasks. One who is a developer can develop a website application from anywhere. So, the software companies or Information Technology Jobs can easily afford remote working.

  • Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant jobs

Today the growth and operating system of most of the business is depending upon the online system or the internet. This is the reason that the business requires virtual assistance to organize or accomplish their tasks. The virtual assistant can work independently from anywhere i.e. from home or office. So, it can be possible to work from home if you are a virtual assistant.

  • Medical Transcription

Most of the medical transcriptionist work for hospitals and physicians. The major task of a medical transcriptionist is to keep the records of medical dictation updated and look after some other records and assignments of the medical officers. The transcriptions used some software through an operating device such as a computer to perform these tasks on. So, if you have the tools at your home and have complete coordination with your Medical Officer then you can easily perform this task from home.

  • Freelance Writer

freelance writer

Out of the best jobs in 2020, freelance writing can also be a good option. The reason behind it is that you do not bother to reach the office on time or to work from a specific place. Whenever you are you can perform your duties of writing. You are just required to take your assignment and have the devices to write (computer or laptop). Other than panic situations, freelance working can be done from home all the time.

  • Translator

Today translators are highly demanded not only in Pakistan but throughout the world. This is because we are required to translate the documents of different categories to continue the pursuits of our lives. A translator job is a flexible job that can be performed without time and location limitations. So, translating work from home can easily be done in any situation.

  • Travel Agent

You want to book airfare or want to check the status of your flight, all these processes have been doing through online portals since the invention of the internet in the world. The travel agent contacts the airline companies across the world through the online system to deliver all the potential information regarding our queries. So, travel agents can also perform their tasks while staying home.

  • Online Tutors

online tutor

Online tutors have also become the most demanded figure in the online world. The reason behind it is that within no time we can get the assistance of the online teachers anytime anywhere. So, teaching jobs can also easily be done from home.

  • Data Entry Operator

Several companies are required data entry operators to fill the specific data for different forums, websites, and social media pages. This type of work just requires proper coordination and a data creating device. So, with the help of these sources, the Data Entry Operator can do work from anywhere. So, those work the same has the great opportunity to continue their work from home.

  • Call Center Representative

Call center work completely holds through the phone calls. You are not required to arrange a proper office or to establish a team. You are just required to have a proper knowledge of selling or any other service you are serving to the people and active phone service to deal with the customers. So, in this way, it can also be a good option to work from home under this panic situation.

  • Bloggers


Blogging is another rising passion in the world which depends upon internet service. A blogger can write the post, can publish the post, or even can promote the content anytime anywhere regardless of place restrictions and time limitations. If you are a blogger then be happy because you can stay home to save not only yourself but also to save your business or job.    

Final TakeAways

Almost all the major Jobs in 2020 that allowed doing work from home are described here. If you are one of them then do not be panic at all because of this pandemic. You can easily set up your work from your home to be safe from any financial disaster. However, due to this reason, it would also come to see how long the process of online working or working from home can be implemented. Moreover, for getting all the updates regarding the latest online jobs in Pakistan 2020 keep visiting

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