Participate in FCCU College Job Fair 2020

Forman Christian College University is a well-known reputable institute that is situated in the main city of Pakistan, Lahore. Recently on Monday 17th February 2020, there was a job fair in FCCU. There were approximately more than a hundred organizations that participated in this event in order to provide students with various career opportunities. Along with these companies also participated in the event with the main objective of student counseling in job fair 2020 Lahore. The students who are worried about choosing their future career were informed regarding various innovative and easy ways for job search through 

Student Counseling in FCCU College Job Fair

The students from various educational backgrounds including intermediate, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. levels who have to choose different fields were motivated in the job fair 2020 so that they can easily get a comprehension of how to attain better opportunities that are offered through different mediums buy different companies. The team informed students who took part in the FC college job fair regarding smart ways for their professional life. The keen focus in the event was to provide student counseling to all the students who are graduated or belong to different levels of studies in the FCCU college for searching the best resources that are required in the job hunt.

Benefits of Career Counseling

All students and job seekers who lack knowledge regarding the benefits of career counseling were provided with brief information about the importance of choosing a career. The team enlightened students with details of career and education that can play an important role in obtaining a job opportunity. In the job fair Lahore, the job seekers were advised regarding the attributes they must possess that an organization needs in order to recruit a candidate like the professional skills related to field, strategies for a career opportunity and different approaches like importance of resume, cover letters, techniques for an interview that are available on

How Helps Job Seekers?

With the latest trends of social media and the internet, the students have a lot of opportunities that can be confusing somehow. As it can create confusion regarding which company is going to be the best, which job a job seeker should choose along with education which job opportunities are going to be best suitable. All these confusions can make the job hunt difficult and hard. As the students will not get proper guidance for a dream job that can ease their life in various ways. In order to make the job searching process easy is the only website that updates thousands of new opportunities along with all information that can help a student or a job seeker to establish a career that can make his life easy. Career Counselling in Job fair

In the job fair 2020, the students were informed regarding the services of Although opting for a career is hard and tough but with the best assistance that the organization provided to students was a lot motivated towards having comprehension of the importance of their education and job. The professional team of gave students much professional advice for their professional life. As students can search all government jobs in 2020 for the website that is updated daily for all education level students with different skills.

Service Of For Job Seekers

The job seekers who face common issues in their job hunting are provided with separate categories from which they can choose from the job that are mentioned for each and every field, for all famous government departments and all cities. However, job seekers who like to work with private organizations can also search for private sector jobs 2020. The original job advertisement is given with each job so that job seekers can know the difference between authentic or fake jobs. As provides thousands of job seekers all latest jobs in Pakistan.


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