Latest Government Jobs 2020 in which you are your own boss

There are many government sector jobs that give you huge benefits including pension, provident fund, medical allowance, job security, work-life balance, etc. But some people want to attain a job that can give them authority as many individuals desire to work on their own. There are many government jobs that can give you authority, power as you can work as your own boss. In order to know better about this type of Government Jobs 2020, we have mentioned several fields that can give you many options to choose according to your education and experience level. Moreover, the individuals must know that although such jobs seem more interesting the best way to tackle such working options is to stay updated and in touch with all upcoming and latest announced jobs.

Latest Govt Jobs in Pakistan 2020

All job seekers must know that all government employees have a lot of authority from high-level jobs to low-level jobs. But the professional fields like accounting/ finance jobs, administrative & clerical jobs, advertising/ media showbiz jobs, construction/ civil/ architecture jobs, consultancy services jobs, education & training jobs, electronics/ mechanical jobs, healthcare & medical jobs, information technology jobs, and management/ executive jobs can give you the desired work environment in which you are your own boss. All candidates from various provinces and cities including govt jobs in Lahore commerce field job seekers, medical field job seekers, and finance field job seekers can find each and every job from However in order to get further details regarding these fields and all jobs in Pakistan the detailed information is mentioned below.

  • Accounting/ Finance Jobs

The accounting and finance jobs mainly include Director Finance jobs, Sales Tax Officer Jobs, Loan Officer jobs, etc. In such kinds of jobs, the employee can work and take important decisions regarding work financial issues, matters related to money by himself. As the employee does not require prior permission and work under the chain of command which makes accounting and finance jobs more lucrative among the govt jobs in Pakistan. All candidates with an educational background of,, MBA or relevant field can apply for these job opportunities.

  • Administrative & Clerical Jobs

The administration and clerical jobs have the main tasks like handling the files and management of all-important official records in any government department. The administrative staff also have to maintain order in the department buy scheduling meetings and presents the important agendas along with the reordering of various supplies that can be required by the other employees. Administration & clerical employees have to work by interacting with various people. As higher the amount of their interaction the candidates have a high level of freedom to work according to their mindset. For this purpose, all jobs in Pakistan that are related to administration & clerical field include administration executive jobs, quality inspector officer, admin logistic officer jobs, etc.

  • Advertising/ Media Showbiz Jobs

Advertising & Media

The advertising and Media Showbiz Government Jobs 2020 include Media incharge jobs, Social media expert jobs, digital media specialist jobs, etc. The candidates with professional competence, knowledge of advertising techniques, who can maintain meeting with clients regarding the goals and aims in the favor and betterment of their respective government organizations who are innovative can apply for these job opportunities. These govt jobs in Lahore basically require the knowledge of field so that you can work according to your skills like designing and preparing advertisements without getting worried about working in a limited environment the main focus is the conclusion of better result data for different concepts along with creating advertising plans because media and showbiz has a very huge network.

  • Education & Training Jobs

The education and training jobs can be attained more easily among all jobs in Pakistan. The candidates who have even obtained a bachelor’s degree in physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, statistics, economics, English, Pak studies, sociology, psychology, and any other field can apply for headmistress jobs, lecturer jobs, Associate professors Jobs, manager student affairs, etc. Moreover, you can find education jobs in various cities of Pakistan including govt jobs in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Multan, etc. from the latest updates jobs on our website.

  • Healthcare & Medical Jobs

In this field, the employee requires to treat all humans equally without any discrimination by providing quality health services. Moreover collecting information and keeping a record of each patient for medical examinations and results so that patients can be treated in a better way. In order to get govt jobs in Pakistan related to healthcare & medical field, the applicants with qualification level of MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery), BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) or relevant field can apply for General Surgeon jobs, Cardiologist jobs, Gynecologist jobs, lady medical officer jobs, etc. These job opportunities are considered to be the most respectful field because of the work nature that these professions require.


In order to get knowledge regarding govt jobs in Pakistan just visit the website that can provide you sufficient knowledge regarding different jobs in different cities including govt jobs in Lahore and other main cities that can give you the dream work environment where you don’t have to get worried regarding working under command of supervisors etc. All Government Jobs 2020 are mentioned separately in various categories that can be utilized by the job seekers for having a best and stable professional career.


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