Top Ten Jobs in Pakistan whose Salaries are in Millions

Top Ten Highest Paying Jobs in Pakistan

There are ten highest paying jobs in Pakistan. The right choice of profession has undoubtedly a profound effect on the life of a person. If you choose the profession according to your mood and tendency, then success will follow you. You can achieve your all goals in life by choosing the best profession that suits your mood. Given below are some highest paying jobs in Pakistan. Let’s have a look. 

1-Software Engineering

The relevant programs are required for use in computer. The software engineers are the ones who actually prepare this program and hence they are paid for their services. The Software engineers can do job as well as freelancing work and earn from fifty thousand to four and a half lakh per month.

2-Petroleum Engineer

The monthly salaries of this engineering department are higher than the salaries of mechanical and electrical engineers. This is because their fieldwork is extensive and they are affiliated along with the large capitalist companies. The monthly salary of petroleum engineer is from thirty thousand to four and a half lakhs.


The dentists have a higher monthly income as compared to the ordinary doctors. They can earn a good income by working in different hospitals and also by running their own private clinics. The monthly income of dentists can be from one lakh to six lakh.

4-IT Manager

In any organization where computers are used, the manager has a very close relationship and is of the great importance. The IT managers are responsible for all computer related matters and the matters related to hardware and software. The monthly income of IT Managers can range from 50,000/- Rs to 500,000/- Rs.

5-Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountant is responsible for the financial affairs of any organization and its strategy as well as audit. The Chartered Accountant can also work by being affiliated along a single company or by setting up their own company as a freelancing company. Their monthly income can be between one and a half lakh to seven lakh depending on their experience.


Doctors who specialize in surgery in a field are called surgeons. The monthly income of surgeons is based on their fields. The monthly income of Orthopedic, Neuro and Cardiac Surgeons is higher than other surgeons and their monthly income can be between two lakhs to ten lakhs.

7-News Anchor

The News anchors affiliated with the media sector also receive huge salaries from the owners of channel based on their popularity. Their salaries depend on the ratings of their programs and their salaries range from 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs per month.


The Pilot receives flight training after passing through a rigorous period of training. Their salaries depend on domestic as well as international flights. The monthly income of pilots can be between 1 lakh and 80 thousand to 8 lakhs.

9-Executive Manager

Executive manager is responsible for handling the office affairs like HR affairs; production etc and their salaries are similarly higher depending on their responsibilities. Their monthly income can be between 1 lakh to 10 lakh.

10-Chief Executive Officer

CEO, Chief Executive Officer is the biggest post of any organization. The CEO is responsible for all the affairs of the organization. In addition to their salary, the CEO’s are also provided with a luxury car, house and other facilities and their salary can be from five lakhs to two crores per month.

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