Top 10 Govt jobs That Come With Huge Authority.

Government Job especially in Pakistan is a dream of every Pakistani Citizen. Getting a good government job in Pakistan is like finding a needle in Sand. People of every department and fields want to get their hands on a good Public department job in Pakistan. It’s considered to be a Golden opportunity for fresh graduates to be a government employee and much profitable for lifetime. This job has uncountable benefits as well as secure future too. There is a list of facilities in every field of life for govt employer, promotions, increments and much more to avail. It’s a status symbol too in our society to be a government employee, every Pakistani do hard work as much as one can do to achieve a government job. In Pakistan Government job is equal to treasure to be found, the one who achieve achieves the handsome amount of wealth and authority too. Our country’s system relied much on authority.

Even after retirement government job had a lots benefits. After retirement pensions less the worry for life after retirement.

In Pakistan there are most number of jobs that come with high authority powers, here are the top 10 government jobs mentioned below with high authorities.

Top 10 Govt Jobs in Pakistan 2021

1- Police Jobs

Police job is one of those jobs which most people apply for as new jobs in PakistanPakistan Police Departments is always in the need of new recruits to maintain the law and order in the country. Whether you are posted at which rank, it’s always considered to be a high authority job. Most of the people tried to achieve this job because of the name “police” the name itself is very courageous.

2- CSS Officer

To become CSS officer of Pakistan you have to pass the difficult, which require a lot of hard work and full preparation.CSS exam and an interview is the next level to be accomplished.CSS officers are considered to be the most intelligent students and bright future of Pakistan. Becoming a CSS officer is every graduate’s dream. To be a CSS officer there are some requirements, first one is you should be a Pakistani citizen, Secondly, you should have a bachelor’s degree in any major or program of your choice. Passing your bachelor’s degree in second division is a must.

After passing the Central superior examination you are directly appointed as a 17th grade officer, with a good salary package and many more facilities including security, an officer house and much more. CSS officers are posted in different cities of Pakistan to perform their duties.
CSS officers are given jobs in following groups:
  • Pakistan customs services
  • Commerce and trade groups
  • Office management and Secretariat group
  • Pakistan Administrative Service
  • Pakistan Audit and Account Service
  • Police service of Pakistan 
  • Postal Group
  • Railways
  • Foreign Services of Pakistan Etc.

3- PMS Officer Jobs

PMs. Officers are those who clear the provincial Competitive Exam in order to be posted as PMS Officer. These Examination much resembles to CSS Exam. PMS is abbreviation of Provincial Management Services, Usually they are given 16th Grade. They run the province under the provincial administration.

4- Bankers

The freshly graduates or master’s degree holder in accounts, finance, commerce, information technology and computer sciences can join the banks for their desired jobs. No doubt this job also comes with high authority and much more facilities too.

5- Doctors

Students after completing their medical studies join the medical field and become Doctor.  This job comes with a high authority and a handsome amount of salary too. This job starts with 17th scale.

6- Lecturer

Masters and above degree holders can apply for the post of Lecturer in colleges and universities In Pakistan. First you have to clear Public Service Commission Examination. This job also starts from 17th grade which comes with high authority and respect too.

7- Armed Forces

A job in Pakistan Army is more than an honor for a Pakistani first.

All related armed forces in Pakistan work day and night for safety of Pakistanis. Pakistanis from all over the Pakistan first go through strict test and interviews in order to join army. Army officers start with a lieutenant rank after which they are granted promotion to higher ranks. The facilities provided to the army officers are fancy and comes with much more authorities beyond our thoughts.

8- Judicial Officer

Judicial officers include Public Prosecutor, civil judge, session judge and high court judge you can become a judicial officer if you belong to anyone of these professions. This job comes with a high authority as well as with huge responsibility to provide justice to innocent people Of Pakistan.

9- PCS Officer

PCS Officers are those officers which are recruits through provincial public service commission. These officers are posted by passing much easier exams than CSS and PMS.

10- Intelligence Officer

Intelligence agencies in Pakistan such as ISI, CTD, IB, CID, CIA and ISPR are providing their facilities to bring peace in our society and they work under covered against terrorist agencies. Most of the Police officers are promoted to these agencies and retired armed forces soldiers are preferred too.

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