How Covid-19 has Paralysed life in Pakistan

At the beginning of 2020, no one knows how worst the situation will happen within a few months. An outbreak Covid-19 originated from Wuhan city China and that did not only affect China but almost the whole of the world has captured by this pandemic. Gradually, the Covid-19 spreads country to country and busted the lifestyles of these countries completely and Pakistan is not an exceptional case in this regard. The following discussion has shown how life has disrupted due to this alarming situation and how covid-19 has paralyzed life in Pakistan.

Limitations On Religious Activities


In Pakistan, the limitations are enforced on religious activates. Throughout the country, the Masajids are completely closed for Jumma prayers and other worships. Recently, the famous religious event “Shab e Miraj” has arrived. But, it wasn’t allowed to make gathering and to offer prayers. Similarly, the holy night Shab e Barat is coming near and it is saying that no worship place will be allowed to open for night prayers. Madaris all are closed and Tablighi Ijtima (reforming events) all are postponed throughout the country.

The month of Ramzan is also coming near and the government has decided that if the situation will not be under controlled then it wouldn’t be allowed to offer travih Prayer in the Masajids and Muslims may also not be allowed to offer Namaz in the Masjids. At the same time, the Eid festival celebration would also be affected very badly throughout the country.

Limitations On Business


Businesses are knocked out badly due to this Covid-19 pandemic. Almost all the bazaars, shopping malls, and even the street shops are closed. This decision has taken by the government to contain the spread of pandemic across the country. Indeed, this act helps comprise the spread of the virus, but this lockdown is leaving the worst impact on the Employment Industry and economy. A large number of people have convicted jobless right now. People having their own shops and businesses are not allowed to open them. Under this situation, people are not able to earn a single time meal. What will happen if there is no means of earning the food? 

Limitations On Education

covid-19 impact on education

Across the country, the schools, colleges, universities, and all other vocational institutes, and Dini Madaris are closed. The government first decided that almost all the educational institutes would follow the instructions of the country’s lockdown. But, a few days ago it has decided that almost all the Educational Institutes from schools to universities will remain close until May 31st, 2020. Students are notified that these vacations would be treated as summer vacations. Under this situation, students are getting a huge loss in their education or studies.    

Moreover, the examination session from schools to colleges and universities is also postponed. It comes to hear that if the situation would not be under controlled then the examination session of 2020 would not be conducted. In this way, the education system of Pakistan is getting disruption and a huge gap will occur in the education routines and schedules.    

Limitations On Lifestyles 

Lifestyle is getting disturbed very badly. Pakistan is a well-known country because of its charms and beauties the example of which is hard to find in the other regions of the world. The shopping malls open till late at night. The food streets are there in almost all the major districts or cities. These streets are never less than heavens for foodie people. These food streets open till late at night.

Moreover, throughout the day and night, people walk on the roads or in the streets. In the big cities of Pakistan such as in Lahore and Karachi etc. you cannot differentiate between the night mode and the day mode i.e. both are equal for people. But, a sudden change has come to see in the peoples’ life routine. All the roads and streets are completely closed and are undergoing lockdown.

Limitations On Family Get-together

Covid-19 social distancing


The basic instruction to cope with this alarming situation or to contain the spread of the coronavirus is to follow the social distance. The motto that “stay home, save lives” is strictly obeying by the people. So, in this situation, people have become deprived of the family get-together. Right from the beginning of the lockdown, people haven’t met with their love ones. 

What Are The Expectations?

Today everyone has a common question on their tongues that how long the virus will last? Well, it is not certain how long the virus will exist on the surface. The world is still unsuccessful in making vaccines against this disease. Over 1,348,203 cases are confirmed throughout the world. Out of these cases, 74,795 are deceased. In Pakistan 3864 are confirmed cases out of which 54 cases are deceased.

However, if the people will follow the Instructions fpr COVID-19 strictly then the spread of the virus can control. Otherwise, there are not certain remedies to cure this alarming situation. Moreover, it could be difficult but not impossible to end the disease. China the source or origin of the disease has successfully controlled the disease and there are very few cases there in China today. So, follow the motto of stay home and save lives and hope for the best.

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