Corona Relief Tiger Force Registration Announced by PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched the ‘Corona Relief Tiger Force’ that will work in collaboration with civil administration and Army to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Corona relief tiger force has been launched by the Prime minister Imran Khan. It will work with the army and civil administration to control the prevalence of coronavirus. The basic purpose of forming this force will be to fight against the novel coronavirus.

If you are here in the search of information about the Corona Relief Tiger Force Registration, you are on the right platform. For the convenience of visitors’ track all the information about the corona relief tiger force registration announced by the government. The youth can avail of this opportunity to serve their country in a better way. All the requirements to apply in this force are available here. By going through this page the volunteer will learn about the other specifics related to the registration process. By following the mentioned details on this platform you will be able to apply easily in the force without having any trouble.


Registration for Corona relief Tiger Force

Registration to apply in the force has been started from 31st March and the last date is the 10th of April. All the volunteers need to apply within the due date. After 10th March the candidates will be selected that will perform tasks to help the people of different areas of Pakistan. The candidates will be selected from all over Pakistan. 

Process of Registration

PM Tiger Force

For the registration process, the digital registration form has been made. All the volunteers have to apply through the portal made by the government. The people who are above 18 years are eligible to apply in this force. The interested individuals have to give their name, phone number; age as well as union council on the form of registration. The youth belonging to different political parties can be part of this force. In every union council, the corona relied on tiger force will be formed.

All the volunteers that are interested to apply in the corona relief tiger force should fill the registration form. As the registration has already so made sure to apply before the deadline 

Purpose of Forming the Corona Relief Force

Pakistan has become the victim of coronavirus and many people are infected with this virus. In such a critical situation a special force is required that can help the people in the hour of need. For example, if the lockdown is in place it became difficult for people to travel to other places. They will face problems to meet the requirements of life. So it will work to supply rations in critical situations and also identify hoarders. The tiger force volunteers will deliver the food in lockdown to the different areas.

They will also take care of the patients in emergency situations. They also spread awareness about the virus to the public and guard the people in quarantine. They have also responsible for monitoring the cases in the quarantine centers as well. The tiger force will perform their duties under the district commissioner of each district. As the number of coronavirus cases is increasing so this effort is taken to control the cases. The force will be sent to different areas of Pakistan. The areas that have a high number of cases need this force to distribute the essential supplies.

Check the Registration Details on

Through this platform you can have the information about the applying procedure and requirements. Check all the necessities and then set to fill the registration form. To get more details about the Pakistan Tiger Force keep visiting where you can have all the recent updates. 

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