Job Advertisement on 24-Feb-2022 by Fazaia Degree College

Total Vacencies 14
Advertisement Date 24-Feb-2022
Last Date to Apply 25-Feb-2022
Vacancy Name Posts Min Qualification BPS/Scale Job Type Salary
Computer Lab Assistant 1 Intermediate N/A Permanent N/A
Cambridge Section Teacher 2 Masters N/A Permanent N/A
Junior School Teacher 2 Masters N/A Permanent N/A
Senior School Teacher 4 Masters N/A Permanent N/A
Lecturer 5 Masters N/A Permanent N/A

Following vacancies are available at a highly-reputed Fazaia Degree College, Faisal. Competent and well-qualified candidates, seeking for a career under an inspiring work environment may apply.



  • The candidate removed/ dismissed, prematurely, from any post at any Government or Non-government institution.
  • Those removed from any Fazaia institution, upon any allegation/ discipline issue.
  • The candidate history of any moral turpitude, financial embezzlement or criminal offences. The applicants are to produce NOC from the previous institution in this regard.

Pay/ Perks:

  • Selected candidate will be offered good pay package.
  • After successfully completing probation period, the individuals will have opportunity to join either Provident Fund or gratuity scheme, as opted.


  • It is a contract employment, annually renewable on the basis of performance and may continue for an unlimited time period, on the basis of good performance.
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be called for interview.
  • TA/ DA will not be admissible for the interview
  • Concealment of any fact or information may lead to strict disciplinary action, even after the selection
  • Send your applications address to Chairman Managing Committee, along with resume and attested copies of testimonials, at the given below address, latest by 25 February, 2022. Applications received after the due date will not be considered.

Postal Address: Principal, Fazaia Degree College - Faisal, PAF Base Faisal, Karachi
Email:, Contact: 99545510 or 03218118986

Job Advertisement on 11-Jul-2021 by Fazaia Degree College

Total Vacencies 5
Advertisement Date 11-Jul-2021
Last Date to Apply 17-Jul-2021
Vacancy Name Posts Min Qualification BPS/Scale Job Type Salary
Teacher 5 Masters N/A Permanent N/A

Job Advertisement on 14-Feb-2021 by Fazaia Degree College

Total Vacencies 2
Advertisement Date 14-Feb-2021
Last Date to Apply 20-Feb-2021
Vacancy Name Posts Min Qualification BPS/Scale Job Type Salary
Vice Principal 1 Masters N/A Permanent N/A
Incharge 1 Bachelors N/A Permanent N/A

Job Advertisement on 17-Jan-2021 by Fazaia Degree College

Total Vacencies 11
Advertisement Date 17-Jan-2021
Last Date to Apply 22-Jan-2021
Vacancy Name Posts Min Qualification BPS/Scale Job Type Salary
Teacher 10 Bachelors N/A N/A N/A
Chines Language Teacher 1 Masters N/A N/A N/A

Job Advertisement on 06-Nov-2020 by Fazaia Degree College

Total Vacencies 20
Advertisement Date 06-Nov-2020
Last Date to Apply 10-Nov-2020
Vacancy Name Posts Min Qualification BPS/Scale Job Type Salary
Teacher 20 Masters N/A N/A N/A
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