Job Advertisement on 02-Jun-2018 by Career Institute

Total Vacencies 10
Advertisement Date 02-Jun-2018
Last Date to Apply 31-Dec-2018
Vacancy Name Posts Min Qualification BPS/Scale Job Type Salary
Admission Officer Jobs In Career Institute Faisalabad 02 Jun 2018 10 N/A N/A Permanent N/A

Understandand shape the company’s strategy and mission

Developplans to materialize strategy and analyze business proposals

Researchcompetition to identify threats and opportunities

Assessthe company’s operational and strategic performance

Alignprocesses, resources-planning and department goals with overall strategy

Providesupport and insight into significant organizational changes

Educatesenior executives in making effective decisions

Constructforecasts and analytical models

Monitorand analyze industry trends and market changes

Recruit,screen and evaluate candidates for admission.

Utilizea comprehensive sourcing system that includes social media, online job boards, grass,sales campaigns and other sources.

Buildand manage applicant resources by researching, contacting and maintainingcommunications with prospective students throughout the process.

Attractnew applicants by promoting the school to prospective candidates, traveling tovarious cities to make presentations at events, attending job fairs, andcontacting potential candidates via direct email and phone.

Determineapplicant qualifications by coordinating with the compliance department priorto student enrollment.

Representthe Institute both on and off campus, conduct interviews with potentialstudents through various media platforms.

Assistin continual improvement processes in the Institute's Admission procedures.